Anime Metaverse Chronicles

The AM Chronicles enumerates our vision to be a decentralized shonen jump, focused on community-led initiatives and social interactions that enable the creation of the next generational IPs.

Executive Summary

Our vision is for Anime Metaverse to be a decentralized shonen jump. It is focused on community-led initiatives and social interactions that enable the creation of next generational Intellectual Properties (IPs).
To achieve this, we’ll work with Anime brands to build and launch their characters and NFT collections through Anime Metaverse - creating a metaverse for all things Anime. Alpha version of our platform will be built on the Ethereum blockchain as the team explores suitable chain to host the final platform.
Through partnering, licensing, and onboarding anime and manga IPs, we’ll be able to create a haven to interact with the characters we’ve grown up with.
As a community-led project, our guiding principle remains to evolve in line with traditional gaming mechanics of incentivizing social interaction between members. Through this strategy, we are enabling our community to actively participate in the in-game economy through interactions with the system, events, and community that creates value. We believe this builds healthier, long-term communities required in sustainable economies that will last for years to come.
This is reflected in our usage of successful DeFi concepts including our gachapon system which contains both in-game (pets, consumables, land, crafting materials, and more) and real-world (whitelists, free mints, partner projects, anime convention passes and more) rewards while heavily reducing the negative connotations of DeFi given our requirement to act as a bridge to the Web2 world.
AM Chronicles will serve as a first look and guide for players to understand the basics of the games and our vision. We recommend you to read our Lore to better understand the advanced mechanics of the games.
All game-related answers can be found within the Lore.

$ANIMA Token

The $ANIMA Token will be used for the following purpose:
  • Governance over game mechanics and balancing
  • Stake of ownership in AM-Treasury, where revenues are accrued.
  • In-game spending
  • Native currency in the AM-Marketplace
  • Staking of $ANIMA tokens through a time-locked contract to receive % APY.
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