By sending your Soulmate to do activities, they will accumulate positive human emotions necessary to generate $ANIMA. You can also get shards of items and souvenirs by doing activities to craft valuable items. You can send your Soulmate to perform activities, including Karaoke, Education, Excavation, Prayers, and Escapades.


Sing and have FUN times with the Verses.


Escapade together with the Verses and have a blast. During these escapades, you can get valuable souvenirs in the form of equipables or consumables.


Send your Soulmate to study different skills necessary to change their Job. You can send them to earn a Bachelor's or Magister’s degree. These items are required for Job Transfer and Job Upgrade.


Visit the mystical wonder of Anime Metaverse and pray to the stars for a chance to be blessed with Legendaries.


Precious minerals are deposited randomly inside all the Anime Metaverse Islands. Excavate these minerals to craft Venarites.


You can use Venarite to power up the Starcrane machine and get premium prizes.


Pets will be released in the future versions as rewards of the Starcrane. Get lucky or socialize your way to gather the necessary items to call your own pets. Pets will have different utilities that will help you in your journey.


There will be various activities to be done on different LANDs. The different characters can access LANDs, and Owning LANDs will give you royalties every time a Soulmate visits your LANDs.
Your final drop yield will be affected by the experience of your activities. Is it Good? Bad? Or Well? Each activity will have its own EXP metrics to increase the probability of having a Good experience and reduce the likelihood of having a bad experience.