Item Crafting

Soulmate NFTs can craft valuable items from the shards they found during their activities together.

Starcrane Items

Soulmate NFT can craft Venarites to power up the Starcrane machine. By using the Starcrane machine, your Soulmate can claim randomized prizes.

Enhancement Items

Enhancement items can be crafted to give your Soulmate NFT token yield, FUN boosts, or a higher chance of finding certain items. Enhancement Items are categorized into Equipables and Consumables.
Equipables provide a lower but permanent boost, while Consumables give a higher but temporary boost.

Job Transfer and Promotion Items

Degrees are necessary catalysts to start job transfer or promotion processes. You can get these varying degrees in Education activities.

Failure and Error

Every crafting started will have a slight chance to fail or error. Failure will leave your item intact, while Error will leave your item broken.