Soulmate NFTs

Soulmate Progression

Soulmate NFT is divided into three(3) stages of progression: Basic → Soulmate → Job Employment
You can also mint a Junior Soulmate NFTs with a small amount of $ANIMA. Junior Soulmate NFTs are able to mine items with lowered probabilities, won’t be able to yield tokens, and are untradeable. One (1) wallet can only mint one (1) Junior Soulmate NFT. This lowers the barrier to entry and allows non-Soulmate holders to join the community to play and enjoy our game.
To upgrade your Soulmate, you will need to have FUN by sending your NFT Character to participate in activities around the Anime Metaverse Islands.

Basic NFT

Normal Citizen in Alpha Solus. Stake your Basic NFT in Alpha Solus to gather HYPE. Gather enough HYPE to initiate entry into the Anime Metaverse.

Soulmate NFT

Avatars for citizens of Alpha Solus to enter the world of Anime Metaverse. Soulmate NFTs will receive an exclusive trait upgrade and access staking activities in Anime Metaverse. Yield FUN points and get Items. Your NFT is now able to use and craft items.

Job Employment

Job-specific SFX. Job-specific effects. Second Job Transfer onwards requires specific items.