Anime Metaverse

The 21st century proves to be one of the most trying times human civilisation has ever endured. Territory conflict leading to war, natural disasters, and the ongoing pandemic took millions of lives worldwide. The perilous times propelled Rikka to architect the Anime Metaverse - an Alpha Solus-like world inside the Web.3.
Anime Metaverse is composed of virtual islands where Soulmates harness the power of the stars called Starburst. It’s an element that is reactive to human emotions. Surround it with positive emotions, and it will be purified, wielding precious $ANIMA. Surround it with negative emotions, and it will conjure tainted starburst.
The metaverse requires a tremendous amount of computing power and data storage to operate. All soulmates need to gather enough HYPE to power up the starburst crystals and start the system. They also need to generate enough $ANIMA by doing activities together that produce positive emotions to sustain the system. Soulmates can play in arcades, do Karaoke, escapades to malls, caravans, or exhibitions. They can pray to the deities for their wish to be granted, and they can also study expertise in University.
Using the power of $ANIMA and the fun experiences from their activities, all Soulmates can look and apply for a job. With specific jobs and expertise, Soulmates will have an easier time procuring certain items, performing particular tasks, or purifying Starburst. Lastly, in their Escapades together, Soulmates have a very high chance to acquire valuable items that will aid them in their journey inside Anime Metaverse. But, what do these items do? That’s a secret only Soulmates can find out.