The Emergence

The 1/1 Legendary Rikka owned by Uncle Pennybags.
At the beginning of time, there was a huge deep space explosion in the universe. The extremely high density and temperature caused the universe to expand, and when the space cooled down, gravity gradually drew organic matter together and formed the forerunners of galaxies. Within the galaxies, exothermic reactions began, and the residual energy condensed into crystals and ended up scattered all over the universe. These crystals contain the power to give birth to the stars and were named Starburst. This same phenomenon propelled the emergence of the planets surrounding a central star.
Some 4.5 billion years ago, planet Alpha Solus was formed, and within it, an unlimited supply of Starburst was deposited in its core. The first civilization discovered these crystals and applied the primitive burning method to utilize their energy. When the crystal is burned, it unleashes the power within, but not without any setbacks. Most of the energy inside the crystal evaporates along with the vessel, and whatever remains of it becomes impure.
During the 8th century of Alpha Solus, humans finally discovered that the best way to harness Starburst is by surrounding it with positive energy evoked by human emotions. The power within the crystals reacts and overflows from the vessel, leaving most of the energy intact, accessible, and ready to use. This pure power from Starburst is called $ANIMA.